How to take Part? What to do:

Take two minutes out of your day whenever it suits you to clean up a stretch of road, a street or any public place.

  • Take a picture of the litter you collect
  • Then post it on whatever social media site you use – facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tag the post with #2minutestreetclean.

You will then automatically become part of the #2minutestreetclean campaign and be champion for a litter free environment. Keep it short and simple!

Health and Safety:

  • If you can, wear protective gloves. If you can’t, wash your hands afterwards.
  • Supervise children and make sure they don’t pick up sharp objects or dog litter.
  • DO NOT pick up needles or glass or any other sharps unless you have somewhere safe to put them. Old needles MUST be disposed of properly. Ask your local surgery.
  • Do not pick up anything organic, we’re talking dead animals and dog litter again here.
  • Dispose of the litter responsibly.